Take them on or be taken down

YouTube deplatforms The Iconoclast:

As the wave of social media censorship continues, another big name–or scalp–has been claimed by Big Tech. It was announced on Facebook that prominent British YouTuber, The Iconoclast, who amassed a large following of over 200,000 on the platform, recently had his entire channel deleted. The Iconoclast produced dozens of high quality videos covering sociopolitical currents in Europe, with some attracting hundreds of thousands of views.

The Iconoclast was one of many creators on the so-called ‘Dissident’ Right to have been demonetized amid a wave of censorship after updating their Terms of Service, in June this year.

It’s interesting to see that the Big Tech companies appear to feel considerably more confident deplatforming people in the USA and in the UK. I suspect this has something to do with the differences in the various legal codes. Regardless, if you are not willing to take them on in court or arbitration, as per the terms of use specified, you should assume that you will eventually be taken down.

And, as always, build your own platforms. On that note, UATV continues to grow explosively, both in terms of subscribers and viewers. In fact, it’s up 152 percent this month in terms of the latter. And we expect to debut SocialGalactic 2.0 in October.

A change to the Caligan campaign

In light of the changes in the ebook market and our retreat from the Kindle Unlimited space, we’ve been making some strategic changes at Arkhaven and Castalia House. Now that we’ve successfully entered the video space, we’re concentrating our efforts on our strongest fiction and non-fiction properties, primarily because we don’t have the bandwidth to devote to everything.

This is why we’ve returned the publishing rights to their books to a number of our authors, although we continue to support them and their self-publishing efforts, and why we have methodically reduced the number of books that we are publishing. Our sales remain strong, which tends to indicate that our revised approach is a viable one.

The reason I’m explaining this is that we have decided to make a change to the comics being delivered to the backers of the Caligan campaign. Instead of six black-and-white issues of The Stars Came Back, we are going to publish six full-color digital issues of Arts of Dark and Light, a Selenoth-based comic, as well as the related paperback and hardcover omnibuses. We have not yet decided if we’ll be using one of the novellas, such as The Wardog’s Coin or a selection from A Throne of Bones, as the source.

I’ve already spoken to Rolf about this, and as those who know him will not be surprised to hear, he was entirely understanding of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We like Rolf and his work, and Castalia will continue to publish his print editions going forward.

Obviously, we will offer a refund to any backer who does not support this change of the third comic. Also, since the change from black-and-white to color will leave the overall project in the red, we will be offering presales of the paperback and the hardcover once we have completed the first digital issue and delivered it to the backers. Please note that any campaign backer who wishes a refund as a result of this announcement can simply email me with the backer number and the word REFUND in the subject.

And for those who don’t object to the change, feel free to discuss which of the various Selenoth stories you’d most like to see in graphic format here. If we decide upon a selection from A Throne of Bones, it will probably be the battle between Legio XVII and the goblin tribes.

Abandoning Boomer parents

A woman not unreasonably wonders why she should be expected to look after parents who didn’t look after their own:

“People should think about what example they’re setting for their kids. My parents didn’t look after their own parents – they spent their 50s and 60s enjoying the freedom of being empty nesters and working to secure their own retirement. I’m wondering why I should do differently?”

Now, my parents did look after my grandparents until they died and I expect my brothers and I will do the same. But I don’t blame the Gen Xers and Millennials who see no reason why they should bother themselves about parents who haven’t shown much interest in their own parents, their children, or their grandchildren.

Enabling mental illness

The medical normalization of mental illness is, unsurprisingly, leading directly to child abuse:

“Michelle Cretella was the first one to label it correctly as child abuse,” the endocrinologist told PJ Media. “When a person cannot consent to being harmed in a medical study or a medical setting — when they cannot be aware of the harms — it is an ethical problem.”

Indeed, Laidlaw compared these transgender “treatments” to the horrific experiments performed by Nazi scientists under Adolf Hitler. “They were doing experiments on people who could not consent.”

“If you have children, they can’t consent because they may not have the intellectual capacity or emotional maturity to understand the consequences of what’s going to happen to them,” he argued. “Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones — they’re going to be infertile. What 11-year-old is ready to have a kid? How would they know what that means? If you want to fully inform a child, you really cannot. Even if you tell the parents, how can the parent decide it? You can’t really do it.”

“That’s one of the problems with the NIH study. There’s no real way for a kid to consent to this and the harms are very great,” Laidlaw said.

May not consent? They legally cannot consent. But it’s not even remotely a surprise that the satanic world-healers are attempting to normalize and legalize this form of child abuse. Because they are absolutely slavering to normalize and legalize every other form of it as well. Child abuse is as central to their religion as Communion is to Christians.

An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity

An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity is now available in audiobook+. If you’re potentially interested in this very funny and very Canadian satire, you can listen to a nearly two-hour free sample  at Unauthorized.

When the devil moves in next door to Cooper Smith Cooper’s house, Cooper doesn’t know what to make of him at first. But when the unexpectedly neighborly Mr. Scratch helps the unemployed actuary find a job at a local insurance company with the help of some inside information into the activities of Death, Cooper decides the old devil might not be so bad after all.The only problem, Cooper thinks, is how to conceal from his fellow actuaries his newfound ability to perfectly predict the time and place of people’s deaths.

And then, there is also the small matter of the screams of his recently deceased neighbor coming from Scratch’s basement furnace to consider.

The audiobook+ of An Equation of Almost Infinite Complexity is now available at Arkhaven Comics. Narrated brilliantly in true Canadian fashion by Ken Dickason, the audiobook+ is 14 hours 17 minutes long and includes the ebook in both EPUB and Kindle formats. The paperback is also available at Castalia Direct.

From Chapter Five: The Loves of Thisbe

Thisbe pulled the car into traffic. “Songs about lovin’ and livin’ and good-hearted women…” sang the countrified radio.

“Songs about chintzes and blintzes and sprained arms in splintses,” sang Julius. He turned the radio off and sang with a Nashville accent: “Get your tongue out of my mouth baby, I am kissing you goodbye.” He spoke: “You can’t improve on that one, really.” He went back to the radio song: “Songs about sneezes and cheeses and snot when it freezes…”

“Julius,” said Thisbe, mock-annoyed, shifting gears and passing a car on the right with a stomp on the accelerator.

“I’m just one rhyme short for you: ‘Songs about frisbees and Thisbes.’ I suppose I could add ‘how-did-you-miss-me-s’ or something like that.”

“‘Bar Mitzvies’?” Thisbe suggested.

“No one was ever elected Pope by offending the Jewish vote. To judge by the number of Holocaust movies, the world is now seventy-five percent Jewish.”

“Julius…” said in a warning.

“I know, I know. Even the nephew of the king must be careful.”

“You aren’t the nephew of the king.”

“True. I got my job on merit. I blackmailed a politician.” Julius was in a government ministry, a job which he claimed combined the best of banking (“hours: ten to three”), teaching (“we do nothing between June and September”) and prostitution (“that little thrill you get when the hand drops into your pants is actually us, reaching for your wallet”).

“Mm hmm.”

“Blackmail is just as much a job skill as dating the boss’s daughter or having large breasts. You get what you put in. That’s my motto.”

But Thisbe changed the subject. “It’s too bad you weren’t there for the service.”

“I can’t go to Scratch’s service. I’m an atheist.”

“Julius, it would be nice if I didn’t have to go alone to these things.”

“You weren’t alone. I came along after the service. Remember, I come from a family of atheists. In fact, a family of Catholic atheists. The kind who believe you have to be punished for your sins even if there is no God. My folks should actually be Unitarians, the church specifically designed for atheists with children. But I’ve progressed. I maintain an independent posture toward the World to Come. To the extent that I dabble, I believe that Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet. In the meantime, I like German beer, country music, and the Montreal Expos, or, as we call them in English, the Washington Naturals. Women dig me.”

She understood that all this was male bravado, perhaps not particularly well done. “Why Mohammed?” she said, following his irrelevancy despite herself.

“Well, first of all, Mohammedans become cross when you disagree with them. You say to a Moslem, ‘I beg to differ,’ and the next thing you know a pleasant young woman in a burkha comes to the door and detonates a nail bomb hidden in her purse. The suicide bomber is Islam’s one truly original contribution to world culture this last four hundred years.”

“Uh huh.” Thisbe was tired of this.

“But more importantly,” said Julius, sensing he was unappreciated, “A refinement on Pascal’s wager. Pascal says that since you know you’re going to die, there are really two possibilities: you die and it doesn’t matter what you did; or you die and it does. He says you should believe in God because you don’t lose much by wasting an hour a week being Christian, and if God does exist, you could gain Eternity. It’s always worth betting on a long shot if the upside is pretty snappy—eternal life, for instance. Like a lottery ticket that costs less than you’d notice spending and could win you a million spondulix. I mean, why not invest a few hours?”

“So why won’t you come to church with me then?”

“As I said: a refinement. I took Pascal one better. He’s right. You should do at least the minimum if you might get eternal life. But what kind of eternal life? That was my question. Christian eternal life is endless contemplation of the Godhead. So that’s pretty good. Better than a visit to the proctologist, for instance, although some of my gay friends might disagree. But at least better than waking up and finding yourself the cheeseburger course in an eternal Satanic McDonald’s, which is what my ancestors believed.”

“But you don’t believe it.”

“In what, proctologists? Of course I believe in them. I’ve got the stretch marks to prove it. But that’s not what we were talking about.”

“Jesus, Julius.”

“Yes, him I don’t believe in. Nor that eternal contemplation stuff. Why believe in eternal contemplation of anything? Islam takes Christianity one better. Instead of contemplating God, when an Islamic man gets to heaven, he gets–”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Babes! By the truckload. Gallons of them. Talk about your world’s great religions. It’s sort of like Calvin’s doctrine of Total Depravity. But—a very optimistic kind of Total Depravity.”

“It’s chauvinistic. Do the women get truckloads of men?”

“If you’re betting on an afterlife, go big or stay home is my advice.”

“What about the women?”

“Oh, they’re all virgins.”

“No, the women who get to heaven.”

“What about them?”

He’s welcome to it

Anonymous Conservative suspects others are taking credit for my observations:

Renowned Yale computer scientist David Gelernter claims that he is abandoning Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is at the point I would assume he is doing this on orders from Cabal, so he can be the voice reciting Vox Day’s arguments, and get credit for overturning it. The alternative is Vox gets credit, and then gets a platform, which would also elevate Castalia House, at which point his threat level would go through the roof.

First of all, I very much doubt I’m the first unauthorized individual to happen to notice that the math of the Neo-Darwinian hypothesis doesn’t add up correctly with the growing amount of evidence being produced on an ongoing basis by genetic scientists. Gelernter is a smart guy and I would expect him as well as lot of other smart people to reach much the same conclusions on the basis of the available evidence. Second, I find it hard to imagine that anyone, however evil-minded, cares all that much about an increasingly outdated hypothesis that not only has more epicycles spinning around it than the most die-hard pre-Copernican astronomer ever rationalized, but is inevitably destined to be discarded sooner or later.

And third, I genuinely don’t care about this sort of “credit” anymore than I care about collecting academic credentials. Observing the obvious is not doing anything new. It’s not accomplishing anything. It’s like being the guy who “discovered” the Okapi. He didn’t discover anything! The Okapi was always there! The Neo-Darwinian hypothesis has always been false, so literally everyone who ever doubted for any reason, convincing or unconvincing, merits the same “credit”.

If – when – I write a truly great novel or produce a genuinely great film, then I’ll be happy to accept any plaudits that are due, buy a monastery, and collect books. But noticing what is true or not true is not an accomplishment, it’s simply a consequence of paying attention.

I already distrust the trappings of fame, money, and media attention due to observing the negative effects they have had on others I have known. The suggestion that there is a shadowy international cabal of evil sex predators intent on controlling who is authorized to go on television and bask in the adoration of the masses doesn’t exactly make the whole program appear any more attractive to me. It’s just one of the many reasons I don’t talk to the media anymore.

One perfect tweet

Saint Efan demolishes Ben Shapiru.

Ben Shapiru@benshapiru
If we don’t share common values, we shouldn’t be surprised that politics becomes warfare by other means.

Stefan Molyneux@StefanMolyneux
You said that you were totally FINE with the Third World pouring into America Benny.

Now you say you’re not surprised at ALL that lack of shared values leads to massive social conflict.

Which means you KNEW it would happen.

And you were fine with it.

Notice that no intellectual with any integrity has even the smallest regard for the Littlest Chickenhawk. The little guy takes a merciless beating no matter where he goes or which way he turns.

And for those foolish would-be Shapiru defenders who try to hide behind his claim that he was only talking about ideology when he said he was fine with “the browning of America”, well, you should have known better than to place your confidence in the consistency of a neoclown.

“The ideology of the Palestinian population is indistinguishable from that of the terrorist leadership.”
– Ben Shapiru, 2003

The skinsuits show themselves

“Conservative” writer Jennifer Rubin, who has claimed to be a Republican for decades, can’t hide her hatred for the God-Emperor or everyone who wants to make America great again:

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin pushed for Americans to work together to “burn down the Republican party” in the hopes of extinguishing any trace of the enthusiasm for President Trump.

Rubin appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday and said that not only does Trump have to lose in 2020, but there must be a purging of “survivors” who still support the commander-in-chief.

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose,” she said. “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party.”

“We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.”

This is pure projection from a Bolshevik Fake American. The entire neoclown program is to do to America what their predecessors did to Russia, only this time with trannies and pedos.

Look at what organizations this woman has written for: the “Right Turn” blog for The Washington Post. Previously she worked at Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events, and The Weekly Standard. Her work has been published in media outlets including Politico, New York Post, New York Daily News, National Review, and The Jerusalem Post. Almost all of them nominally “right-wing”.

But Shapiru, Prager, and Kristol aren’t the only false “conservatives”. It’s been one massive con job, as all of these neoclowns are left-wing Trotskyites seeking the destruction of America and Western civilization.

ALT-HERO Volume 1

The book that they said would never be produced has, in fact, been published! ALT-HERO Volume 1 is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and in paperback.

Written by Vox Day and featuring the art of Cliff Cosmic and Richard Bonk, the first of the Alt★Hero Collections collects the first six issues of Arkhaven’s flagship comic book series,  Alt★Hero, which includes #1 Crackdown, #2 Rebel’s Cell, #3 Reprisal, #4 The War in Paris, #5 London Calling, and #6 The Dark Hunt.

The 168-page full-color omnibus also contains additional pages of character illustrations, a few of which have not been seen before.

The backer editions are being sent out this week. Please note that as per the campaign, the hardcover edition will feature a special backer edition cover that is different than the retail hardcover. Both the hardcover ($23.99) and the paperback ($16.99) are also available at Castalia Direct.

Arkhaven anticipates releasing Alt★Hero Collections #2, which will collect Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1 through #6, before the end of the year. Both backer editions will feature special backers-only covers.

Mailvox: a complete failure to grok

There are few things more depressing to an intellectual known for coining terms than seeing people attempting to turn around what they perceive as a perjorative and trying to apply it to you, particularly when in doing so, they demonstrate that they have no idea what the Hell you meant by it in the first place. I’m sure everyone will be astonished to learn that a recently departed commenter couldn’t bear to leave without a parting wall of text.

You’ll probably say you don’t really give a damn, and perhaps just “fuck off”, but you and some of the comment cohort did to me what you know is typical of SJWers.

STAGE ONE: Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative
STAGE TWO: Point and Shriek
STAGE THREE: Isolate and Swarm
STAGE FOUR: Reject and Transform
STAGE FIVE: Press for Surrender”

I was not posturing.  I was not attacking. I engaged in a conversation on items about math and science mentioned by another commenter.

My point was that there are limits to the accuracy in mathematics to understanding things just as there are in language, but some people are as dogmatic about math as some are about science and some about religion. They stretch the bounds of the discipline beyond its limits and dogmatically attack any found guilty of heresy.

It’s your site and your comment section. It should reflect what you want it to.

But y’all did to me exactly what you criticize the SJWers for.

Snidely Whiplash noted a violation of the accepted narrative, pointed a finger and invited the swarm to do their work, and you were the amenable authority.

Bringing up Plato’s analogy and Buddah’s parable was not pretension or posturing. They were on point to the comment I was responding to.

Azure Amaranthine responded on point.

You and the others took the SJWer path of personal attacks and annihilation.

 It is effective…

If you’d said I was getting the thread off topic or the like, it would have been one thing.

But y’all went straight to personal attacks, telling me to get the fuck out, and then deleting comments and threatening expulsion from the group….  again typical of the SJW crowd….

I like your book.  I bought it after the mention on InfoWars.  That also led me to your blog, and I’ve like what little I’ve read of it.

I’ll probably continue reading your thoughts in the posts, but life’s too short to spend time in a SJW clone room.

Not a hospitable place for engaging in ideas.

You should work on your tolerance level.

This sort of thing is why I try to avoid talking to people in real life. I don’t care, I just want people like this to go away and never attempt to communicate with me again. There is no narrative here and this guy was never part of the group in the first place. He was an unwanted, uninvited, undesirable interloper who wandered into the wrong place and was rightly rejected as soon as he identified himself.

I’m not the amenable authority, to the contrary, I am the authority that very much wants all the blathering morons to go away, stay away, and never, ever force me to bear witness to their endless attempts to explore the limits of human stupidity.

UPDATE: He’s sent another five six emails so far. This is just one of them:

Jesus —- you won’t even allow me to invite Azure to continue the discussion off-site if he wanted…

What objections could you have had worthy of deleting that comment letting Azure know where he could contact me if he wanted to discuss it…?

It was short.  Not a wall of text that might inconvenience the audience.

It used language that can’t be considered objectionable — because the gamma faggot slur that was aimed at me is still up.  I mocked it.

And it was snarky but no more so than the personal attacks you left standing in the thread.

You have to be able to recognize what you did follows the steps you outlined in the book…

And it is a SJW-type mentality in dealing with others.

The only time I can remember having comments deleted and being threatened with banning was on sites run by people on the Left…

Now I’ll descend into something childish:  Pot meet kettle…  you’re both black….

If you want to be fair, delete all the comments referring to me.  I already deleted the ones I wrote.

1984 it…

Erase all traces.  Make it never have happened.

You have to be able to see how you and the outrage mob just mirrored elements you described in your book….

In case you ever wondered, this sort of thing is why gammas are now banned on sight. I used to wonder why women were so vicious to them, but I don’t anymore.