Mailvox: Boomer tales

A reader tells a familiar tale of Boomer entitlement:

A couple of regulars at the bar/kitchen I work came in the other day with a pack of friends. One of their friends was a girl who had been previously eighty sixed so a bartender calmly informed her she had to leave. Immediately the leader of the pack went berserk and started pacing up and down the aisle barking obscenities before storming out with her little birthday clan, trying to take as many people she could with her.

This person is a school administrator for the district. She knows all the bartenders since they were kids. Her and her husband are well known in the community. Where the hell do they get off acting like that?

The most demoralizing fact is just to think of the ungodly salary she makes comprised entirely of tax loot. Loot collected from the service industry, from the oil field, my family’s bread and butter. Then she comes into my workplace and when even slightly contradicted flips out and tries to rob customers and tips right out of me and my coworkers’ pockets. The Boomer “education” aristocracy at its very infantile finest.

It will not surprise me if one day in the not-too-distant future, there are bounties paid for people like that.

The noble savage

How can you not love the God-Emperor? He’s the best comedian on Twitter.

The Gretard: “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words…. People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing!”

God-Emperor Trump I: “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

Pure savagery. I sincerely hope the Democrats nominate the Gretard next year. What? It’s not as if it would be the first time the Democrats decided to run an ineligible nominee.

It’s amusing to see how quickly Fox News cucks these days. It’s now beyond obvious that they’ve fully merged with the ABCNNBCBS hive mind.

“The climate hysteria movement is not about science. If it were about science, it would be led by scientists, rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

Liberal podcast host Chris Hahn, who was also a guest on the show, told Knowles he should be ashamed of his comments.

Knowles replied: “She is mentally ill. She has autism. She has obsessive compulsive disorder, she has selective mutism. She had depression.”

But Fox News apologized for the comments and said the network had ‘no plans’ for Knowles to appear as a guest in the future.

What sort of moronic media whore wants to be on Fox in the first place? I was turning down their invitations back when Hannity and Colmes were still a team. Anyhow, it’s true. The Gretard is mentally ill and that fact should be thrown in her retarded face every time she opens her stupid mouth, just like it should be thrown in the face of every mentally ill individual who dares to tell normal, functioning human beings anything at all about how they should live.

And yes, that is a Jordan Peterson reference, just in case you weren’t absolutely certain.

I’m all for leaving retards alone to make stupid faces and take their pills and chew on their tongues in squalor if that’s what makes them happy, but I draw a very hard and bright line at pretending to take their low-IQ moaning seriously.

4GW goes geo-strategic

I’m not the only one who has noticed that the Yemeni drone attacks on Saudi Arabia have significantly changed the geo-strategic situation as well as the prospects for future war:

The devastating attack on Saudi oil facilities by drones and missiles not only transforms the balance of military power in the Middle East, but marks a change in the nature of warfare globally.

On the morning of 14 September, 18 drones and seven cruise missiles – all cheap and unsophisticated compared to modern military aircraft – disabled half of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production and raised the world price of oil by 20 per cent.

This happened despite the Saudis spending $67.6bn (£54bn) on their defence budget last year, much of it on vastly expensive aircraft and air defence systems, which notably failed to stop the attack. The US defence budget stands at $750bn (£600.2bn), and its intelligence budget at $85bn (£68bn), but the US forces in the Gulf did not know what was happening until it was all over.

Excuses advanced for this failure include the drones flying too low to be detected and unfairly coming from a direction different from the one that might have been expected. Such explanations sound pathetic when set against the proud boasts of the arms manufacturers and military commanders about the effectiveness of their weapons systems.

Debate is ongoing about whether it was the Iranians or the Houthis who carried out the attack, the likely answer being a combination of the two, but perhaps with Iran orchestrating the operation and supplying the equipment. But over-focus on responsibility diverts attention from a much more important development: a middle ranking power like Iran, under sanctions and with limited resources and expertise, acting alone or through allies, has inflicted crippling damage on theoretically much better-armed Saudi Arabia which is supposedly defended by the US, the world’s greatest military super-power.

This is potentially very good news for humanity, in much the same way and for much the same reason that Minutemen defeating British regulars with cheap, readily-available musketry was good news. Historian Carroll Quigley observed that the democratization of weaponry tended to expand human freedom, while the monopolization of it tended to reduce it.

Today, it is the common man who has to fear the SWAT raid or the drone strike ordered by the rich and powerful. Tomorrow, the rich and the powerful will be every bit as vulnerable to the common man who is wronged by their actions.

Big Brother in America

So much for the Land of the Free propaganda. Only the Chinese and the British are as spied upon as Americans:

CNN HQ-host Atlanta was the US city to make the top ten list, with 15.56 cameras per thousand residents. Cities in China dominated the top 10 ten, with 8/10 spots. Cities in China averaged 39.93 to 168.03 cameras per thousand residents. London, England, was No. 6 on the list with 68.40 cameras per thousand residents.

The five other US cities on the top 50 most surveilled places in the world were all Democratic party bastions, including Chicago No. 13 with 13.06 cameras per thousand residents; Washington, DC, No. 28 with 5.61 cameras per thousand residents; San Francisco No. 38 with 3.07 cameras per thousand residents; San Diego No. 42 with 2.48 cameras per thousand residents, and Boston No. 46 with 2.23 cameras per thousand residents.

Kenneth Johnson, former Chicago Police Department commander of the Englewood district, told the New York Times last year that residents shouldn’t be worried about their privacy because the cameras are in public places. “This isn’t a secret. This isn’t an Orwellian ‘Big Brother.’”

Atlanta Sgt. John Chafee told Route Fifty that surveillance cameras “play a vital role” in keeping the public safe and the city is expected to expand its more than 7,800 cameras in the next several years.

Cameras keep the public safe? Despite the cameras, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC are all in the top twenty cities with the highest murder rates in the USA. They’ll need to produce a better excuse for erecting the American Panopticon.

Devil Mouse confirms diversity agenda

As if there was ever even the slightest shadow of a doubt:

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the company has a diversity agenda.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, interviewer Maureen Dowd pointed out to Iger that the top executives of Disney are white men in their TV, film, parks and consumer products, and streaming and international divisions.

Alan Bergman is the co-chairman Walt Disney Studios alongside Alan Horn. Bob Chapek is the Chairman of Disney parks, Experiences, and Products, Peter Rice is the Chairman of Walt Disney Television, and Kevin Mayer is the Chairman of Direct-to-Consumer & International.

Iger responded saying, “You have to look one level down, because we’ve done a lot.” However, he did acknowledge that Disney is “lacking” in diversity when it comes to the people who are directly reporting to him. He did make it clear he plans to change that before he leaves the company saying, “I’ll change that before I leave.” Iger is expected to retire from Disney in 2021.

What’s Iger going to do for an encore, announce that the only thing the Devil Mouse hates more than copyright is Jesus Christ?

The network of helpers

It’s interesting to see how the media keeps inching closer and closer to admitting that Pizzagate is real in all but name:

Former Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter revealed during an interview with NBC News’ Dateline that convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was always one step ahead of investigators. He suggested that the disgraced financier had a mole within the force that helped him evade Palm Beach police who began investigating his alleged sex trafficking in 2005.

The Miami Herald reports that Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring was also supported by a network of helpers from professions, such as hairdressers, immigration lawyers, dentists, and psychiatrists. Epstein also reportedly had connections to doctors that screened his victims for sexually transmitted diseases and prescribed them birth control.

I’ve known “the network of helpers” was real since the moment I saw the “Pizzagate is debunked” meme appear simultaneously in nearly every mainstream media organ despite there being no factual information in any of the purported debunkings. Now, I know literally nothing about the sexual and dietary habits of the globalist elite – I keep my distance from them and I’ve never even seen Eyes Wide Shut – but as a GamerGater, I know a coordinated media campaign when I see one.

And nothing, not even the “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction” meme, has ever been as aggressively coordinated and propagated as the “Pizzagate is debunked” meme. Once you understand that the Bible is legit and Satan rules the world, it’s not that hard to recognize who is actively on his side.

The vanishing of history

The globalists have already vanished an astonishing amount of 20th century history:

The recent 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict that consumed so many tens of millions of lives naturally provoked numerous historical articles, and the resulting discussion led me to dig out my old copy of Taylor’s short volume, which I reread for the first time in nearly forty years. I found it just as masterful and persuasive as I had back in my college dorm room days, and the glowing cover-blurbs suggested some of the immediate acclaim the work had received. The Washington Post lauded the author as “Britain’s most prominent living historian,” World Politics called it “Powerfully argued, brilliantly written, and always persuasive,” The New Statesman, Britain leading leftist magazine, described it as “A masterpiece: lucid, compassionate, beautifully written,” and the august Times Literary Supplement characterized it as “simple, devastating, superlatively readable, and deeply disturbing.” As an international best-seller, it still surely ranks as Taylor’s most famous book, and I can easily understand why it was still on my college required reading list nearly two decades after its original publication.

Yet in revisiting Taylor’s ground-breaking study, I made a remarkable discovery. Despite all the international sales and critical acclaim, the book’s findings soon aroused tremendous hostility in certain quarters. Taylor’s lectures at Oxford had been enormously popular for a quarter century, but as a direct result of the controversy “Britain’s most prominent living historian” was summarily purged from the faculty not long afterwards. At the beginning of his first chapter, Taylor had noted how strange he found it that more than twenty years after the start of the world’s most cataclysmic war no serious history had been produced carefully analyzing the outbreak. Perhaps the retaliation that he encountered led him to better understand part of that puzzle.

Taylor was hardly alone in suffering such retribution. Indeed, as I have gradually discovered over the last decade or so, his fate seems to have been an exceptionally mild one, with his great existing stature partially insulating him from the backlash following his objective analysis of the historical facts. And such extremely serious professional consequences were especially common on our side of the Atlantic, where many of the victims lost their long-held media or academic positions, and permanently vanished from public view during the years around World War II….

We may easily imagine that some prominent and highly-regarded individual at the peak of his career and public influence might suddenly take leave of his senses and begin promoting eccentric and erroneous theories, thereby ensuring his downfall. Under such circumstances, his claims may be treated with great skepticism and perhaps simply disregarded.

But when the number of such very reputable yet contrary voices becomes sufficiently large and the claims they make seem generally consistent with each other, we can no longer casually dismiss their critiques. Their committed stance on these controversial matters had proved fatal to their continued public standing, and although they must have recognized these likely consequences, they nonetheless followed that path, even going to the trouble of writing lengthy books presenting their views, and seeking out some publisher somewhere who was willing to release these.

John T. Flynn, Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Beard, William Henry Chamberlin, Russell Grenfell, Sisley Huddleston, and numerous other scholars and journalists of the highest caliber and reputation all told a rather consistent story of the Second World War but one at total variance with that of today’s established narrative, and they did so at the cost of destroying their careers. A decade or two later, renowned historian A.J.P. Taylor reaffirmed this same basic narrative, and was purged from Oxford as a consequence. I find it very difficult to explain the behavior of all these individuals unless they were presenting a truthful account.

If a ruling political establishment and its media organs offer lavish rewards of funding, promotion, and public acclaim to those who endorse its party-line propaganda while casting into outer darkness those who dissent, the pronouncements of the former should be viewed with considerable suspicion. Barnes popularized the phrase “court historians” to describe these disingenuous and opportunistic individuals who follow the prevailing political winds, and our present-day media outlets are certainly replete with such types….

World War II ended nearly three generations ago, and few of its adult survivors still walk the earth. From one perspective the true facts of that conflict and whether or not they actually contradict our traditional beliefs might appear rather irrelevant. Tearing down the statues of some long-dead historical figures and replacing them with the statues of others hardly seems of much practical value.

But if we gradually conclude that the story that all of us have been told during our entire lifetimes is substantially false and perhaps largely inverted, the implications for our understanding of the world are enormous.

This is why it is vital to read, collect, and preserve history. If it were not so important, the Year Zeroes would not place such importance on discrediting and disappearing the historians of yesteryear.

The lethal poison of debt

Usury eventually kills every company that grows through debt, and sooner or later, it will kill the economy too:

There were tears at Thomas Cook’s Peterborough headquarters today as 9,000 UK staff lost their jobs and 12,000 more around the world are also of work after the world’s oldest and most famous travel operator officially went bust at 2am.

The company’s check-in desks at the 20-plus UK airports the business flew from are shut today with all customers with holidays and flights told they are cancelled – but many will not get their money back for months. 600 high street store are also locked up today.

 Last-minute talks to try and rescue the ailing firm collapsed last night with nobody willing to service its £1.7billion debt, and the Civil Aviation Authority announced the end for the 178-year-old company in the early hours of this morning.

Boris Johnson today said that the Government had been asked to bail-out the business with £150million of taxpayers’ money but they had refused.

He said: ‘Clearly that’s a lot of taxpayers’ money and sets up, as people will appreciate, a moral hazard in the case of future such commercial difficulties that companies face.

The math of usury is clear and impossible. Real growth can never keep up with compounding interest. This is why debt is evil and why regular debt jubilees are necessary, even though the usurers use all of their power to try to prevent their victims from escaping.

Think about how many of these historical, century-old companies that are suddenly collapsing almost overnight. There isn’t any saving them. There isn’t any way out. And the catastrophic consequence of these inevitable failures is why these companies should not be permitted to grow so big in the first place.

Remember, corporations are NOT capitalism. They are government interventions in the economy, artificial creations in which the government absolves the normal legal responsibilities of the shareholders and executives.

Creepy Joe is done

He’s fading almost as fast as Jeb Bush did:

Elizabeth Warren has surged in Iowa, narrowly overtaking Joe Biden and distancing herself from fellow progressive Bernie Sanders, the latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.

Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, now holds a 2-percentage-point lead, with 22{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf} of likely Democratic caucusgoers saying she is their first choice for president. It is the first time she has led in the Register’s poll.

Former Vice President Biden, who had led each of the Register’s three previous 2020 cycle polls, follows her at 20{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf}. Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont, has fallen to third place with 11{56510949195f95f693d0700c7df4a440f85fa77fe69050b28a344594aa03acbf}.

No other candidate reaches double digits.

It’s still too soon to call it, but it is increasingly looking like Warren will be the sacrificial lamb offered up to the God-Emperor.