The anti-democratic party

It appears that the Republicans are not so much anti-Democrat as anti-democratic:

The alarms are sounding in Iowa.

Conservatives and Republican elites in the state are divided over who to support for the GOP nomination, but they almost uniformly express concern over the prospect that Ron Paul and his army of activist supporters may capture the state’s 2012 nominating contest — an outcome many fear would do irreparable harm to the future role of the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Strange, how a Ron Paul victory in Iowa wouldn’t render him electable, but “would do irreparable harm” to the caucuses. As Nate and others have often said, if voting – or for that matter, nominating a candidate – could change anything, it would be outlawed.

At this point, if Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination, he MUST run as a third-party candidate. The disaster that is the Obama presidency would still be better than the evil corruption that is the bank-owned Republican establishment.