On the gaming front

Spacebunny gave me Battlefield 3 and a PS/3 for Christmas, which was awesome. And speaking as a Level 70 COD:MW2 PC player, I have to say that B3 on the PS/3 really rocks. The giant maps are so much more interesting and the teamplay design is much better than in COD, although I’m disappointed that the Commander mode was omitted. There also appear to be fewer cheats and so forth in evidence; certainly the kill stats are far less lopsided.

I was tracking an enemy tank about 250 meters away and tagged the driver when he exited, then managed to suppress a pair of snipers in a building 300 meters off long enough to permit a teammate they were pinning down to make his escape. I picked off one sniper, then thought I was finished when someone rushed into the building I was in. But it was just a support guy on my team who’d noticed my position and was dropping off extra ammo. So, I reloaded, waited a little longer, then nailed the second sniper. I’m only level three and my twitch reflexes are long gone, but I try to pull my own weight.

Now I have to figure out how to drive and pilot vehicles without crashing them….