2011 VPFL Champions

86 Bailout Banksters
71 Mounds View Meerkats

Congratulations to the 2011 VPFL champions. It would appear that it is still good to be a Bankster. I have to confess, I was VERY disappointed to lose this game, as Aaron Rodgers showed up even bigger than I’d anticipated with a 35-point game and Arian Foster performed precisely as projected. Ironically, considering that I am usually mocked for overdrafting them, it was the kickers and defenses that let me down.

The Banksters got 23 points out of a projected 21 from New England’s Gostkowski and the Cincinnati defense, I got 2 out of a projected 20 from Dallas’s Bailey and the Washington defense. And that 20-point difference was the ballgame. The painful thing is that for the last four weeks, I tried four different defenses to little avail, and each time considered, then decided against Buffalo since they were playing the low-turnover Broncos. Naturally, the Bills defense put up 25 points in Week 16. But it was a good and competitive year, as Greenfield looked dominant early, then Mounds View entered the picture with Foster’s recovery, only to see Bailout close strong and carry their end of season momentum through the playoffs.

And so yet another football season goes by without a fantasy championship. I can’t help but notice this marks the fifth championship game I have lost, dating back to the old MFL. How fortunate that I am so well-prepared for the experience.