We are amused

I thought this was pretty funny exchange. It’s an object lesson in how those who are barely above average intelligence and overrate themselves accordingly have no ability whatsoever to understand how much smarter the highly intelligent are.

Spacebunny: “He’s smarter than literally 95% of the people on the planet for pity’s sake.”

Anklebiter: “I was always suspicious of VD’s Mensa claims, thanks for confirming that he is not qualified.”

It’s pretty clear that this anklebiter couldn’t make any similar claims, given the stellar cognitive capacity on display here. But since this apparently isn’t completely obvious to everyone, I will spell it out. A statement that an individual is more intelligent than X percent of the population in no way implies, let alone confirms, that he is not also more intelligent than X+Y percent of the population. Or 99.999 percent, for that matter.

I’ve noticed that a number of people seem to have a similar problems understanding what Mensa membership signifies. It does not mean that one has an IQ of 132, it means that one has an IQ of at least 132. The oft-seen inability to grasp this simple fact occasionally makes me wonder if such people have similar problems mixing up the floor of their house with its ceiling. Are they often found on a ladder nailing up carpet? Do they install fans and light fixtures on the floor?