Mailvox: a request

Beau is scheduled for surgery:

Please mention this as a mailvox for the regulars: I’m heading in for another heart procedure in a few hours. Having just celebrated the happiest Christmas in several years, being blessed in marriage, family, ministry and good friends, the peace experienced right now is so palpable as to be near indescribable. I am in good hands.

Being easily tired, lurking has its benefits – except of course expression. If I had one final thought to give to the Ilk, it would be a word of encouragement writ bold at the top of my lungs, “Jesus!”

Beau is the best of the Ilk; he puts into daily practice what far too many of us only believe to be right and he does so without rancor. He feeds the hungry, devotes his time to the poor and outcast, and he shares the Gospel with everyone, especially those who need it most. I encourage you to pray that he recover fully and stick around to continue doing the Lord’s work for years to come.

UPDATE: Beau writes post-surgery: “All is well. Instead of another iteration of open heart, the exploratory work revealed the recent October re-plumb is in fact functioning fine. Thank God and thank you all for the words of prayer.”