Mailvox: the question of Palestine

The Deuce queries:

A question though, Vox: what’s your position on the Israel/Palestine debacle, and what our position should be regarding it, and do you think Ron Paul’s position is correct?

My position on the Israel/Palestine issue is the same as it is concerning every land dispute around the world. It’s neither my business nor my concern, I don’t care one little bit about it, and the two sides are welcome to fight it out as long as they care to do so. I think the US position should be to stay completely out of it since we have neither allies nor interests there, and moreover, those who are citizens of either side should be barred from any involvement in American electoral politics in order to prevent any attempts to draw the United States into it.

I don’t know the specifics of Ron Paul’s position, but based on his general principle of non-interventionism, I suspect it is in line with my own.

Unfortunately, history suggests that the only long-term solution to the conflict will involve ethnic cleansing of one sort or another. I suspect the Arabs will win in the end, despite Israel’s many current advantages, due to demographics and because far too many Jews haven’t followed through on the basic idea of Zionism, which is that Jews would actually move to Israel. Far too many of them prefer to live in the West where they can reap the benefits of European culture; they say “next year in Jerusalem” even though there is no longer anything preventing them from moving there.

The long term problem is that what historically was a powerful moral justification for a Jewish homeland has vanished now that it is obvious that many, if not most Jews, don’t want to live there.