Excursions in Alpha

I haven’t really bothered keeping up with the weekly summaries here as the Alpha Game blog has effectively taken on a life of its own. However, there are still occasionally posts there which I suspect may be of some interest to those here who don’t regularly follow it, so here are a few of the potentially more interesting ones.

1. Addressing the No-Win Game by deriving chaos out of order.

2. An observation that the marital commitment made by men and the marital commitment made by women are substantively and materially different and conclusions therefrom.

3. Answering a reader’s question concerning the wisdom of returning to the scene of past romantic defeats.

4. Explaining why female Facebook stalkers tend to hail from the lower end of the attractivity spectrum.

5. The increasingly misnamed Omega lays out his path forward as he steadily climbs the ladder of the socio-sexual hiearchy.

6. An explanation of how a woman can tell if the man in whom she is interested is sexually experienced or not.