“Get back on board right now!”

This is a fascinating glimpse into a news story. It is the recording of the conversation between the commander of the port of Livorno and the captain of the cruise ship that sank. Even if you don’t speak Italian, you can hear the total disbelief, then anger in the voice of the commander as he realizes that the captain has not only abandoned his ship with the passengers still on it, but has no idea how many passengers are still on board. The captain seems to want to try to BS his way out of his responsibility to get back on the ship, but the commander is having none of it.

At one point, the commander even threatens the captain, telling him that he needs to know how many people are on board. This isn’t a perfectly literal translation, but it better captures the spirit of the conversation:

Commander: “Look, Schettino, you may have gotten out of the sea but if you don’t get back on board, I will make it seriously bad for you. Go get back on board, dammit!”

Captain: “Commander, for pity’s sake.”

Commander: No, for pity’s sake, you go get back on board now!”

Here is a complete translation.