Adios Mr. Manning

There are rumors abounding that the Colts have decided to pass on the contractual option they possess on Peyton Manning for the low, low price of $28 million. There is an amount of sturm und drang about it, but the reality is that the Colts aren’t going to compete with or without him year, they paid him $26 million to do nothing last year, and the history of NFL players with neck fusions is not a salubrious one.

I think Manning’s best bet is probably to retire with his health and legacy intact, even though three-quarters of the teams in the league will be interested in him. The neck issue is just too dangerous. But regardless of what he chooses to do, I know the Colts will be wise to let him walk, which I’m anticipate they are planning to do regardless of what Jim Irsay is tweeting these days.