One of the Dread Ilk, David the Good, has released his third album. Based on the video, he’s got a bit of a mid-90’s trance thing going on; “brainspider” would appear to be an appropriate theme. “Phat Beat Saturday” made me think of Spooky on quaaludes.

In 2002 when I released Space Age, it was a grand experiment. Could I go into the studio for a year… and come out with something that was different… creative… and might even sell a few copies?

Apparently, yes. It sold well enough to break even and got some nice reviews. But back then, I had time to promote, write e-mails, drop off copies at events and venues and all that slavish sales stuff. Unfortunately, I’m much more interested in making the music than I am in selling it – though Space Age continues to sell online. The track “Elvira” is some kind of a hit… despite being ten years old, it gets played regularly on internet radio stations.

Really… why do I do this? It’s not for sales, though I like those. It’s for the joy of creating something and laughing my head off while doing so. It’s for people to pop into their stereos at a party so their friends think they’re insane. And it’s to continue annoying people that don’t like puns and songs about animals, science, grocery stores and pathetic attempts to woo non-existent women.

My second full album, The Infinite, got crashed half-way through by a drop-off in finances and time. I finished it and went broke. And had a baby at the same time. And had to move. The momentum was shattered just as it hit the Internet. No e-mails to listeners… no promotion… no physical copies sitting in coffee shops and dusty record stores. And, on top of that, the record is a downer. It’s about nuclear bombs, the loss of a father, a limbless angel, the emptiness of existence, and the battle between good and evil.

Hey… I like it, but not a lot of other folk seem to.

The new record drops all that. Sure, it mentions anarchy, guns, man-eating women and being trapped on an island… but in a positive, upbeat way that makes one feel good about their prospects and filled with a new faith in arachnohumanity. And, in keeping with Our Modern Era, it’s digital only. No more CDs to print and lose money on.

I hereby present The Brainspider Affair, 20 phat tracks of digital good stuff that’s guaranteed to change your life. Especially if you slip it into the DJ booth at a wedding. One particularly phat track even has its own video on Youtube:

You can pick up the new album at the following locations: CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.

Thank you, my friends… enjoy.