Equality vs Science

I have a suspicion – actually, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt – that the author of this cartoon is a reader of this blog:

And that’s why I support women’s rights and gay equality. If everyone isn’t equal, then nobody is.

Interesting…. See, I only believe in things that science can prove. So I don’t believe in the existence of any kind of equality.

Equality is not like that! Of course science can’t prove the existence of equality, because it doesn’t exist the same way as atoms and other real physical phenomena. Just like we smart people know that IQ differences don’t exist, we also simply know that equality just exists.

I will, of course, change my mind the second someone shows me scientific proof for the existence of equality. This is how science works, after all, unlike some primitive religion.

This is why I find equalitarian science fetishists to be so amusing. Not only are they hopelessly irrational, but they observably have no idea that the foundations of their incoherent belief systems are inherently opposed. And yet, this somehow never seems to prevent them from attempting to strike a pose of intellectual superiority.