Hypergamouse is back

The second in the weekly comic strip is now up at Alpha Game.

And on a tangentially related subject, I address a HUS commenter’s failure to grasp that ego simply does not apply in the same manner across the sexual divide:

“Maybe we [women] just don’t like [male] sluts for the same reason men don’t, which can be attributed to “ego” as well. Why is that so hard for some people to comprehend?”

“There are four reasons. First, women are notoriously bad at understanding and communicating why they do what they do. Second, because women very much like sexually experienced men, so much so that they observably harbor a vast preference for them over sexually inexperienced men. Women outright mock men who “can’t get laid”, so much so that they regularly resort to such insults even in cases where it manifestly doesn’t apply. If a woman is calling a man “a slut” or some similar term normally directed at women, she is usually revealing an amount of jealousy as well as her own willingness to have sex with him….”

There are few examples of the gulf between female consciousness and female action more readily apparent than with the common female claim to be disgusted and put-off by male sexual experience. But as last week’s Hypergamouse illustrated, taking female advice concerning female behavior tends to be one of the more effective means of ensuring failure with women.