A new energy source discovered!

At least when the United States loses its next war, there won’t be any great mystery why; between all the women, the foreigners, and the gays, is there even any room for the conventional soldier?  I imagine that today, considerable electricity could be generated at Arlington, what with the way all the members of the Corps who are buried there are presently spinning in their graves.

Those who support the foolish notion of homosexuals being permitted to not only serve in the military, but serve openly, often like to point to the Sacred Band of Thebes as a justification for homosexual military service.  In response, I simply point out that the Sacred Band was a separate unit, removed from the rest of the Theban military, and managed to last all of 40 years before it was wiped out by Philip of Macedon at Chaeronea.  So, I’m a little dubious this is the historical precedent American military commanders would be wise to follow.