So, what was your first clue?

The left-liberal mind never ceases to astound and amuse:

Beheadings Raise Doubts That Taliban Have Changed

The Taliban took the four men to the main bazaar in a southern Afghanistan district at evening prayer on Sunday, regional government officials said, denounced them as government spies because they were carrying satellite phones, then beheaded them in front of local residents who had been summoned to watch.

Three days later, on Wednesday morning, the director of a relatively progressive radio station in eastern Afghanistan was found stabbed to death in his car. His back, stomach and chest had been slashed, and his throat slit, according to the man’s brother, who said his head had been nearly severed from his body.

Just doubts, mind you. Sure, they may be beheading people for carrying mobile phones and all, but we don’t actually know for sure that they are still totalitarian religious fanatics firmly planted in the seventh century Anno Domini. This article tends to raise an obvious question. If public beheadings are not enough to convince the NYT that the Taliban has not changed over the course of the eleven years of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, what would suffice?

Not that the Taliban policies don’t possess a certain appeal. I will readily admit that if they promised the public beheading of all iPhone users and to slit the throats of progressive media figures, I’d be at least a little tempted to consider voting for their presidential candidate in preference to Obama or Romney. There is a silver lining in every cloud.