The cure for Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome

It’s a little tempting to point and laugh, but really, Miss Stewart should be commended for her good sense:

Britain’s first female Red Arrows pilot is to move to a ground role after two of her flying colleagues were killed in separate tragedies. Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Stewart, 33, is to be reassigned after the ‘tragic events’ of 2011 had an ‘adverse effect’ on her, a defence source said….

A defence source said: ‘Not many people outside of the Red Arrows will understand the pressure and busy schedule that the team endure through a normal season. These factors have been exacerbated by the tragic events of 2011. This has had an adverse effect on Kirsty and has resulted in the Royal Air Force deciding that it would be more appropriate for the individual and the service if Kirsty is reassigned.’

Her superiors should be commended too, for reassigning the young woman before she crashes, burns, and ends up another pointless human sacrifice on the altar of female equality.