Mailvox: whither post-Jobs Apple?

LH wonders about the future of Apple:

I’ve noticed several news articles and radio broadcasts over the past week talking about a new Ipad coming out. Today I saw it’s official. Didn’t Apple do better at keeping product upgrades under wraps until the announcement prior to Jobs passing? Do you see the techno-facist facade failing?

Yes, I think the Eviler Empire is in the very early stages of collapsing. The screw-ups are small, but significant. They couldn’t even come up with a name for it? The killer new feature is a super high-resolution? I’ve worked in an industry that reached its natural limits – graphics cards – and the resolution gambit particularly is a classic sign of a product category that has peaked. Unless Apple manages to reinvent itself again, which would appear to be a very difficult trick without the evil genius that was Jobs, I think they will continue to be profitable, but cease to be dominant and they will become just another big technology company within 10 years.