The subtle sexism of white knights

Dr. Helen has some advice for men concerning the equalitarian’s new discovery of “benevolent sexism”:

I hear women constantly complaining that men aren’t gentlemanly or don’t want much to do with them anymore. But with the stakes so high, who can blame them?

Guys, my advice? At work, avoid any woman who looks your way. If you must engage, use few words and whatever you do, don’t try to help or compliment her. Men are already wary to work with women or be around women for fear of being called a pervert, charged with sexual discrimination, or worse. Now, subtle sexism is here. Who has the time to figure it out? It’s no wonder many men prefer porn.

The solution is pretty simple. If it’s not your job, it’s not your concern. And when you’re approached by a female co-worker who flashes that sweetly helpless smile before making an appeal to your strong manly competence, don’t fall for it. Just return the smile and say “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.” And repeat it, with a smile, until she stops wheedling and trying to get you to do her work for her.

No one who claims he can swim has any call to complain when you fold your arms and watch him sink. The same holds true for women.