In which we are amused

I don’t know which is more amusing to me, the fact that some of you are actually lamenting the demise of CoComment or the idea that the world has suffered any loss from the disappearance of the comments into the great digital void. The comments are a daily conversation, and like most conversations, exist only in the moment. When they did produce one of those rare moments of enlightenment, I usually turned them into posts anyhow.

Since none of the external comment systems are either very good or play well with the old Blogger template, I’ve simply gone with the existing Blogger comments since they’ve worked fine on Alpha Game. Unfortunately, there is no quote button, so I would encourage everyone to adopt the practice of italicizing text that one is quoting in order to distinguish it from one’s own comments. I would also encourage everyone who wants to provide links to learn how hotlink a URL; it’s not difficult and it will significantly increase the chances that someone will visit the link you are recommending.

Seriously, at this point, you look downright retarded when you copy an entire URL into a comment rather than hotlinking it. If you don’t care enough to hotlink the URL, then obviously it’s not important enough to bother pasting it in there in the first place.

While I’ll permit anonymous commenting for the time being, mostly because the alternative is requiring Open ID registrations, I would prefer everyone commenting to at least enter a name using the Name/URL box. It’s even easier to Remove Content than it was with CoComment – one fell click instead of the previous 7-step process – so don’t operate under the mistaken assumption that it’s going to be any harder for me to keep the usual suspects from getting out of hand than it was before.

Anyhow, it’s a sub-optimal solution, but a functional one, and should allow the daily conversations to continue to flow freely. A few notes:

1. If you don’t want a pop-up, but prefer to see all the posts embedded below the post, click on the hotlink on the bottom of the post in the white box. On this post, it looks like this: “3/15/2012 11:24:00 AM”.

2. The blogger pop-up window is not only limited to 200 comments, but won’t give you access to comments 201 or higher. To see them, you need to make use of the method described above in point (1), then click on either Newer or Newest depending on whether there are 401+ comments or not.

3. If any HTML-head knows how to adjust the template to allow the functionality described in (1) to be utilized using the post title in addition to the time, please let me know. It works like that at Alpha Game and I think it’s more intuitive.

It’s fascinating to see how much humans hate change. The traffic here dropped 600 visits from the lowest it has been in more than thirty days on a weekday, including holidays, simply due to the change from CoComment. Who would have thought the old commenting system would have so many fans? Somewhere, on an island not so very far away, Blackblade is wiping away a single tear….

UPDATE – All right, just pick a name, any name. It’s too much trouble trying to keep track of multiple Anonymouses, so I’ll just delete comments without names. It’s a pity Blogger won’t permit Name/URL without permitting Anonymous.