Comment update

Thanks to the HTML master MK – who has the same initials, but is NOT Markku of the Dread Ilk – the Blogger comments now closely resemble CoComment and are much more legible. He was not, however, able to recreate CoCo’s special mashup feature, which I’m sure everyone will regret. A few things.

1. Clicking on the post title now accesses the comments, embedded below the post.

2. Anonymous commenting is technically permitted. This doesn’t mean you should use it because it’s too confusing. Pick a name and stick with it; you don’t have to register, just use the Name/URL option and leave the URL blank. Anonymous comments will generally be shot on sight.

3. To post with the embedded comments, your browser must be set to accept third-party cookies. Otherwise, you’ll see the “post comment” box, you’ll be allowed to click both Preview and Publish, but the comments will not appear. I’m not crazy about this either; it wasn’t set to embedded previously because they didn’t work with my usual setup, but just set the cookies to flush when you close your browser and you’ll be fine.

4. At the bottom of the post, you can now cycle through the comments on the individual posts using the OLDER/NEWER text.