Thus endeth Tebowmania

Peyton Manning decides to play in Denver:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen are reporting that free agent quarterback Peyton Manning has told his agent, Tom Condon, to open contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos.

And barring an “unexpected snag” in contract talks, Schefter and Mort are reporting that Manning will become the next quarterback of the Broncos.

The Broncos will try to trade Tim Tebow.

Like Tiki, I am flabbergasted. Not that the Broncos chose to sign Manning rather than let it ride with The Miracle of Tebow, but that Manning chose Denver over San Francisco. Time will tell, of course, but if his goal was to win one more Super Bowl, I think it’s pretty obvious that San Francisco would have been the more certain bet.

I’d assume Denver will trade Tebow to Jacksonville; if nothing else, he’ll sell plenty of jerseys and tickets.