Hultgreen-Curie claims another victim

The lethality of Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome is demonstrated once again:

She was just 80 miles short of becoming the youngest person in history to hike the Grand Canyon from end to end when tragedy struck, a loose rock some believe, tumbling her 300 feet below. Beautiful, smart, active and young as a newlywed at 24 years old, friends of Ioana Hociota say she was an experienced hiker, one of the best, but died last month because of one possible misstep.

‘It’s tempting for people to think that a pretty, beautiful young woman of 24 might have been out there, you know, out of her element and out of her head,’ her husband Andrew Holycross told ABC, ‘and she absolutely was not.’

Sure she wasn’t. She actually managed to get herself killed while walking outside, but we’re supposed to believe she was totally in control of the situation throughout. The grieving widower sounds rather like a PR guy for the Navy explaining why one of their heroic and pioneering pilots landed her jet in the ocean rather than on the carrier.