People don’t care about politics

I had a similar revelation some years ago, when it occurred to me that the “cable news giant”, Bill O’Reilly, had a viewership that represented, at the time, about one percent of the voting electorate. It gets even more absurd when one considers that a “big blogger” has a readership that is less than one-tenth the size of these viewerships.

Jon Stewart pulled in a whopping 1.372 million viewers Monday, which only looks good when compared to Stephen Colbert, who pulled in less than a million. Here’s the list. As you can see, something called “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Bad Girls Club” beat both of America’s satirists pretty handily. So did cartoons … and reruns of cartoons.

What I love about these posts that prove our clown-emperors are not only naked but media-created emperors, is that people get all angry over my reporting of this fact. I know, I know — I’m supposed to be so outraged by Bill Maher that I don’t focus on these two sacred cows, but I just can’t help myself.

Stewart can be funny at times while Colbert is simply stupid. But both of them are largely irrelevant. When one considers how little impact something as large and splashy as the Tea Party has had, one quickly realizes that the liberal clowns are almost totally devoid of significance despite their media hype.