NFL Draft 2012

I’m quite happy with the Kalil (OT) pick, as well as the trade that helped them pick up some extra picks late in the draft. Both Smith (S) and Robinson (CB) appear to be sensible picks at positions of dire need, since the Vikes have a pair of decent cornerbacks that weren’t able to stay on the field last year. Safety has been a problem for years, so here’s hoping Smith works out. I do NOT understand the Jarius Wright pick, as he’s another short receiver in the Percy Harvin slot receiver mode. Since they’ve already got Harvin, I don’t see how Wright makes sense. And a FB in the fourth round? Seriously? It makes more sense for the Vikes and their running-heavy offense than for most teams that don’t even use FB much, but still, it seems hard to believe there weren’t any more pressing holes to fill. The second receiver picked, Childs, makes more sense given his 6’3″ height.

All in all, it looks like a pretty good draft, with the potential to be an excellent one if it gives Minnesota even an average secondary to pair with a very good defensive line and if the new lineman and receivers help Ponder develop from “rookie with real promise” to “borderline elite NFL quarterback”. His first-year performance was particularly impressive in light of how he spent good parts of it on the run.