The cracks widen

The French half of Merkozy is now out and the Greek technocrats get demolished:

Greek voters dealt a blow to eurozone hopes that Athens will stick to its austerity commitments as parties opposing more cuts, including neo-Nazis, won almost 60-percent support in an election Sunday. According to updated exit polls, the two main parties suffered heavy losses, with the conservative New Democracy and the left-wing Pasok getting just 32.0 to 34.5 percent between them, down from 77.4 percent at the last polls in 2009.

This should end the can-kicking in Europe, but we’ll see. It’s pretty clear whom the global elite fears most, as the Golden Dawn did two points better than its projected 5 percent despite being falsely painted as Neo-Nazis. The charge is particularly ridiculous as Greece was occupied by the Nazis during World War II, and if anyone can be reasonably described as Neo-Nazi, it is the unelected dictators in the ruling European Commission. Things could get very interesting if the Dutch and Irish elections maintain the theme of rejecting the EU and IMF architects of the European financial system.