Get the race card ready

It’s hard to argue with the Reverend Jesse Lee:

“I think that one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote,” Peterson says. “We should’ve never turned this over to women. And these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil who agrees with them who’re gonna take us down this pathway of destruction. And this probably was the reason they didn’t allow women to vote when men were men. Because men in the good old days understood the nature of the woman,” he adds. “They were not afraid to deal with it. And they understood that, you let them take over, this is what would happen.”

I would just like to remind all of the women who are preparing to get their panties in a bunch over the outrageous notion that someone might hold their sex accountable for the way they have collectively voted for the last eighty years that it is objectively racist to claim that a black man is sexist.