The lawmen fear the law

I am, of course, moved to tears by the concerns of this fine, upstanding officer of the law:

Every time police Sergeant Joseph Hubbard stops a speeder or serves a search warrant, he says he worries suspects assume they can open fire — without breaking the law. Hubbard, a 17-year veteran of the police department in Jeffersonville, Indiana, says his apprehension stems from a state law approved this year that allows residents to use deadly force in response to the “unlawful intrusion” by a “public servant” to protect themselves and others, or their property.

The solution this is simple: Don’t undertake unlawful intrusions.

The issue arises because of a case in Indiana where the State Supreme Court held that you had no right to resist an unlawful entry by the police.

That’s patent nonsense. An unlawful act by the police is exactly the same, in terms of the law, as that of an armed criminal.

Hey, the police and their propagandists are always telling us that if you don’t do anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear. So deal with that, Mr. Law Enforcement Officer. Because, after all, it’s the law!