Free trade: the outstanding questions

Since some of you appeared to mistake my very limited offerings on the topic of free trade and Gary North’s defense of it for a complete and comprehensive analysis of the theoretical, moral, practical, and political aspects of the free trade doctrine as well as a coherent Austrian case for US protectionism, I thought it might be useful if the various questions raised by the various free trade supporters were gathered in one place rather than strewn throughout the comments on various posts so that I can be certain to address all of the substantive ones when I do present that coherent, comprehensive, and perhaps even conclusive case.

So, if there is a question from the comments you feel has not yet been answered, (and I am not claiming to have answered them all), or if you have a new question that is related to the subject, please ask it here. I’m not going to be responding to them in the comments, but rather, in the post when I eventually present the anti-free trade case. And please note that I asked for questions, not vacuous, grand-standing assertions claiming “you need to prove X”, as the comment history here suggests the chances are high that there is no need to do anything of the sort.