Breaking the silence

I found this report of vibrancy breaking out in Portland to be an interesting lapse. Either the media in Oregon failed to get the message or the mainstream media is beginning to give up in its futile attempts to conceal the race of blacks who are attacking whites on an increasingly regular basis throughout America:

Portland Police are investigating two “large-scale” fights that happened in Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland earlier this week. According to Sgt. Pete Simpson, both fights involved groups of black teenagers randomly attacking people in the park.

Simpson said the first incident happened on June 13 around 10:30 p.m. That’s when officers responded to reports of 150 drunken teenagers in the park.

Officers arrived and found several groups of teens leaving. As they continued through the park a young woman flagged them down and pointed out a 14-year-old boy who had been beaten up, Simpson said. He was lying on a picnic table. The boy had been hit in the face and paramedics were called to treat his injuries.

According to Simpson, the victim told officers he was with a friend in the park when he was punched from behind. He said his attackers were 5-10 black teenagers who were randomly attacking white teens in the park. He said they also attacked a homeless man. The victim said the attackers stole his cell phone, iPod, headphones and hat.

The second attack happened the next night, also around 10:30 p.m. In that case, officers got a report of a fight involving more than 20 people in the park.

They didn’t find the fight when they arrived but did find three men who said they were attacked by a group of 20-30 black teenagers, Simpson said.

Events such as these tend to suggest that segregation will eventually be reestablished in whatever remnant of the United States remains in the possession of European-Americans once the political breakup occurs sometime after 2030. It was possible for whites to flee Detroit, Los Angeles, and Rhodesia. But now that the inevitable consequences of vibrancy are being felt in former white redoubts such as Portland, Shakopee, Stockholm, and Oslo, there simply isn’t anywhere else to go. It hasn’t even been fifty years since the Civil Rights Act unleashed vibrancy on America; in another fifty years, American whites will be choosing between a violent return to the policies they previously rejected and dying out.

The great tragedy is that it never had to be this way. But periods of peace and prosperity inevitably give way to periods of war and hardship, and unfortunately, they are usually proportional to the scale of what has gone before. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is something anyone should eagerly anticipate, as it’s not going to be fun for anyone. I suspect it is going to be considerably worse than the forty-year period from 1910 to 1950, especially for Americans who were largely insulated from the global war. This time, they’ll be at ground zero.

The Portland police’s advice to parents to tell their children to avoid public parks at night even if they are open, dutifully repeated by the female reporter and seconded by the female news anchor, is rather amusing in light of the collective fainting fit that met John Derbyshire’s recommendation for parents to tell their children to avoid large gatherings of blacks. Thus we see, as has been described by Steve Sailer and others, that SWPL attitudes about race are no different than those of open white supremacists, they are simply concealed by one thin level of transparent pretense.