Scientists claim vaccine fraud at Merck

It appears there may still be a few legitimate scientists working in the deeply corrupt vaccine industry:

This is the story of the MMR vaccine and two Merck scientists who filed a lawsuit in 2010 over Merck’s efforts to allegedly “defraud the United States through Merck’s ongoing scheme to sell the government a mumps vaccine that is mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated and falsely certified as having an efficacy rate that is significantly higher than it actually is.” Merck allegedly did this from 2000 onwards in order to maintain its exclusive license to sell the MMR vaccine and keep its monopoly of the US market….

In the complaint, the scientists outline in great detail exactly how Merck manipulated the efficacy results in order to be able to say they had a 95% effective vaccine so that they could meet the fairytale goal of vaccine-induced “herd immunity by 2010.” Well, it turns out that the vaccine could not meet the goal that CDC projected to eradicate mumps by 2010, BECAUSE the vaccine, in its current state cannot reliably confer immunity, and is in fact a dilute version of what it once was when Maurice Hilleman invented it using the virus of his five year old daughter. The same viral mumps strain has been in use in every mumps or MMR vaccine Merck has made since 1967. In order to make the live vaccine virus non-infective the virus has to be “passaged” through different cells or animals. In that passaging, mutations take place and have altered the antigenicity, or the antibody-stimulating capacity of the virus. When testing was performed to show the efficacy (neutralizing antibody provoking potential) of the forty-year-old virus strain, for use in the newer combination mumps vaccines, Merck’s scientists could not produce a 95% efficacy rate….

If what these scientists claim is true, the net result of Merck’s questionable activity was epidemics and outbreaks. It is known that the mumps component of all MMR vaccines from the mid 1990’s has had a very low efficacy, estimated at 69% (Harling 05). The outbreaks started in UK and Europe in 1998. USA’s outbreaks began in 2006.

These mumps outbreaks have already been proven NOT to be the result of failure to vaccinate, but vaccination failure … and now it looks to all be a result of Merck’s cooked books, used in order to maintain a commercial monopoly to generate increased revenue from increasing numbers of boosters.

Now isn’t this interesting? As I have long suspected, the science is not on the side of the vaccine manufacturers even though the scientists are well-paid to ensure that they are. Once more we see the utility of observation and pattern recognition versus published professional science, which due to its increasing corruption, is intrinsically unreliable. This is why the constant appeals to various statistical studies and the occasional experiment in defense of vaccine safety are logically invalid; absolutely none of it can be trusted.

And don’t fall for the defensive and deceptive claims of the vaccine apologists that the known corruption in their limited field of science means that all other fields are necessarily corrupted to the same extent. While the potential for the same problem certainly exists in other fields, few of them are as observably and demonstrably as corrupt as vaccine industry science.

Can anyone doubt that if this case is dismissed for some reason, the same people who claimed the Italian court’s finding that an MMR vaccine caused a case of autism were immaterial will loudly proclaim how it proves that Merck’s vaccines are safe? Or that even if the scientists’ case is confirmed, that those who have loudly accused the unvaccinated for causing the various outbreaks since 1998 will fail to admit they were wrong and point their fingers at the faulty vaccine?