Euro 2012: the greatest of all time

Spain 4 Italy 0

I thought Italy actually played fairly well and they were successful in keeping Spain from dominating the ball in the first thirty minutes, but their defense was just half a step too slow at just the wrong time and they couldn’t capitalize on the rare half-chances that they got. I thought Casillas was the player of the game when it was still in doubt, of course, once Thiago Motta pulled his hamstring not long after coming in as the third substitute, the game was over.

To me, the assist from Torres at the end said it all. Whereas most players on most teams, especially a substitute, would take that shot, he didn’t hesitate to make the perfect soccer play and give up a high percentage shot in order to allow his teammmate to make an even higher one. There may be some discussion about the Brazil 1970 team being better, but to only give up one goal in the entire tournament, then win by the biggest margin of victory in championship game history in clinching their third straight major title should be sufficient to cement this Spanish team’s claim on greatness.

As Ender said: “I’m not happy, but how could they beat THAT team?”