Landmark tennis

I’m not a big tennis fan, but I used to play it competitively when I was young before I switched to track, so with the exception of the exceedingly boring Sampras era, I’ve always enjoyed Wimbledon. It’s both amusing and a little sad to watch the British coverage of the Murray-Federer final. Murray is a good player, and he’s playing his heart out, but I just don’t think he’s good enough to beat the Swiss master. They’re on a rain delay now while they put the roof up and they’re even at one set apiece, but I don’t see how Murray wins this.

Federer has already committed more unforced errors than he usually does in a match, but Murray has needed all of them just to stay even. Federer has also had Murray running all around the court and right before the delay it looked as if Murray was running out of steam. While the delay has given Murray a much-needed break, I’d be surprised to see him take another set, much less win the match. He’s playing well, but I think he’s already blown too many set points to take very seriously.