Mailvox: in which corrections are requested

CS asks if there are any holes to be identified in his Contra Calvinus:

Calvinism states that a man can only be saved by God if God has previously elected him for salvation and then draws him, through irresistible grace to his salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Calvinism also states man is totally depraved; man therefore is incapable of making the choice to believe in Jesus Christ unless God first draws him. Therefore, man cannot nor will ever come to God in faith unless God first draws him and if God draws him then man is incapable of resisting. Therefore also, no one is saved whom God did not previously determine would be saved and no one is damned whom God did not previously determine would be damned.

Calvinism also states that God is completely sovereign, so that everything that happens is His specific will and nothing can happen that God does not specifically will.

We may further deduce from scripture that Calvinism would support the statement that it is God’s will that man should be free from sin. We may also deduce from the belief that in man’s total depravity he is so given to his sin that he is unable to come to God in faith, that the strength or quantity of a man’s faith is indirectly proportional to the amount of sin in his life, so that if a man could be perfectly faithful, as was Jesus Christ, he would also be perfectly free from sin, as was Jesus Christ.

Therefore, in God’s sovereignty and according to His perfect will, when man is drawn to Him in faith he must be drawn perfectly so and irresistible grace will necessarily result in the complete renewal of a man at the moment of his justification, to the point where man is no longer a slave to sin and can never be again for all eternity.

Because it is clear from Romans chapter 7 that man, even after he has been saved by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ is still a slave to his sin we can logically conclude that Calvinism and scripture are logically incompatible. And because a central tenant of Calvinism is that scripture is the inspired work of God and perfectly correct it is, in itself, a contradiction, and therefore cannot be true.