Aztlan rising II

Well, at least we can be pleased that the reconquistadors aren’t actually physically attacking the American players… at least not yet:

If the U.S. soccer team were hoping for the home advantage during Saturday’s Gold Cup final then they were in for a nasty surprise. Despite being the ‘home’ side in California’s Rose Bowl stadium, the majority of fans – most of them American born of naturalized Mexicans – booed and jeered the U.S. team.

The surprising scenes were followed by angry outbursts from U.S. team goalkeeper Tim Howard, who was visibly shaken after the entire post match ceremony was conducted in Spanish…. The Americans were not even spared in the trophy ceremony after Mexico’s 4-2 win – booed for one final time as they were announced as runners up.

California is done and gone already, most Americans simply don’t realize it yet. If one thing is clear from all my history reading, it is that most people don’t recognize the historical patterns at work until they are complete. It’s only a matter of time before the California Mexicans refuse to recognize U.S. sovereignty over them or the land they have peacefully reclaimed in the same way they presently refuse to recognize America’s national team.

So much for integration.