Mailvox: a subscription, canceled

A former Gary North subscriber writes to share his experience:

I joined a few months ago in hopes of learning why I should believe in free trade. Dr. North and I immediately locked horns as he would not answer my questions. Every time I cited another scholar’s position he dismissed them as a statist or a mercantilist.

He said I wanted to stick a gun in someone’s belly. I was stunned at his behavior. So I cancelled my subscription.

Only recently did I discover your ongoing debate with him over free trade. What a pleasure to see an intellect of your capacity dismantle Gary North for the intellectual fraud that he is.

Not only are the economics better here, but it’s really hard to beat the price. As for North, one shudders to consider the psychosexual foundation for what appears to be his favorite metaphor. And for those who still find the free trade position entirely convincing, I hope you will note that unlike its defender, I am quite willing to answer questions concerning the subject.