True sporting equality

Louisa Thomas proposes sexism in the name of sports equality:

Because Augusta is a golf course, and because it hosts the Masters, the announcement that the club was taking women was treated as a sports story. It’s actually a business story, and if it says something about women in American culture, then it says something about the rise of women in finance and politics.

For the story to be about women in sports, the debate isn’t about whether Darla Moore and Condi Rice should be able to wear green jackets. It’s whether Stacy Lewis, the top American on the LPGA tour (and the second-ranked woman in the world), should have a chance to compete for one.

Opening up the Masters to female players would be a hell of a lot more controversial than opening up Augusta to female members. But it wouldn’t be impossible. Give women their own leader board, and give them their own tees — but don’t give them their own tournament. Mix the groups in with the men.

I have a much better idea. Announce that women will be permitted to play in the PGA as soon as men will be permitted to play in the LPGA. No different tees, no different rules, just complete equality regardless of sex.

Anything less would be sexist and therefore unacceptable.