Stupefying Stories September 12

The Original Cyberpunk is on a serious roll of late. He is releasing new anthologies faster than I can write short stories to celebrate them. Here is a description of the new September 2012 edition, now available on Amazon.

The STUPEFYING STORIES “Pirates and Dragons” edition is chock-full of all-new tales of dastardly pirates, lonely dragons, quarrelsome petty gods, meddlesome slimy aliens, and profoundly philosophical chickens. Featuring “Riddle Me” by Richard Zwicker, “Corsairs of the Concrete Sea” by Thoraiya Dyer, “The Thundering Dragon of Heaven” by Michael Matheson, “God Mic” by B. Sanford, “The Thirty-Ninth President and the Fourteenth Tentacle” by Theodore Carter, “Thief of Hearts” by Auston Habershaw, “In the Castle of the Assassins” by Melissa Embry, “The Lord of Flocks” by Alison Pentecost, and “The Little Thief” by Phil Temples. From a road in the middle of nowhere to the day after tomorrow, from a shattering tale of First Contact to the long-suppressed story that finally makes it possible to make sense of the events of the past thirty-five years, you’ll find it this time out in STUPEFYING STORIES!

If you like good old school SF/F, check it out. Stupefying Stories is rapidly becoming what Asimov and Analog were back when I was a kid.