That wonderful immigrant food

This may be an effective counterpoint to the clueless wonders who, in response to all the government spending, crime, and declining property values, rhapsodize about the great [fill-in-the-blank] restaurants now contributing to the community by expanding their culinary options:

An undercover investigation has revealed a shocking trade in illegal ‘bush meat’ at a London market – including the sale of dead rats for human consumption. Charred sheep skins, another favourite in west Africa known as ‘smokies’, are also being sold by butchers at the Ridley Road market in Dalson, east London. A BBC investigation using hidden cameras uncovered at least six butchers selling the illegal meats, breaking UK food safety laws….

One Hackney butcher sold a researcher some of the illicit meat and said: ‘Don’t tell anyone, otherwise there will be trouble.’ Two African food stores were selling the grasscutter rats, described as having been imported from Ghana.

If moving to a first-world country can’t break some people of their habit of eating rats, how can anyone give any credibility to the idea that a simple change in geographic location is going to change literally everything about their cultural values and societal traditions?