VPFL 2012 Week Two

84 Bailout Banksters   (1-1)
47 Luna City Gamma Rays   (1-1)

83 Greenfield Grizzlies  (1-1)
77 Moundsview Meerkats   (1-1)

76 ’63Mercury Marauders (2-0)
36 D.C. Hangmen (0-2)

74 Fromundah Cheezheads (2-0)
43 RR Redbeards (0-2)

60 Bane Sidhe (2-0)
58 Suburban Churchians (0-2)

The Piranha of the Serengeti got off to a good start last week, but the injury to Aaron Hernandez and a disappointing underperformance by Aaron Rodgers sunk them.  I’m benching Rodgers this week, as I have less confidence in him against a pretty solid Seahawks defense than in Alex Smith against yet another sketchy Vikings secondary.

This is your weekly NFL thread.  As far as the NFL goes, it is increasingly apparent that the CJ vs AD question has been settled in favor of the latter.  It’s not the Seahawks, but the Cardinals who have proved to be surprisingly good, and it will be interesting to determine which NFC Central team is worse, the Bears or the Vikings.  As for the Vikings, all we’ve learned is that Frazier is as overly conservative as Childress ever was.  Running the Woody Hayes offense for the first 50 minutes, then taking the training wheels off Christian Ponder for the last ten minutes is not the path to the playoffs.

That may have worked well if AD was 100 percent and running behind the offensive line of four years ago.  But he’s not and he isn’t.