The first debate

He says it like it’s a good thing:

Obama has always relied on the big money men in private, while
disparaging them in public.  But what happens when he comes up against
one of them in the most public way possible?  Now we know the answer, and it ain’t pretty. The president appeared small and petulant and reactive.  Romney looked presidential and secure and proactive.

While Republicans are quite reasonably celebrating the fact that Romney demolished a hapless Obama sans teleprompter in the debate – disproving once again the notion that Obama is a supergenius master of rhetoric – they don’t seem to be thinking through the obvious implications of what they are witnessing.  Obama has never been more than a tool of those who have financially raped the nation.  Romney is one of the financial rapists.

How can anyone imagine Mitt Romney has any intention of fixing the very problems that he helped foster and from which he profited so massively?