Suzhi and the sheng nu

It’s strange, isn’t it, that so many organizations formed for the advancement of women’s rights were established by left-wing parties like the Fascist Party in Italy and the Communist Party in China.

They are articles about single, professional women published on the Web
site of China’s state feminist agency, the All-China Women’s Federation.
The Communist Party founded the Women’s Federation in 1949 to “protect
women’s rights and interests.” 

It must be a coincidence.  But these days, it isn’t hard to imagine either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama agreeing to establish a state feminist agency, assuming of course that Housing and Urban Development doesn’t already qualify.

I do rather like the idea of referring to unmarried women over the age of 27 as sheng nu, however.  Especially since comes with the imprimatur of an official international State Feminist Agency.  It would really be sexist to refer to them any other way.  However, looking at it from the long-term perspective, it is ominous that China has been actively seeking to encourage its best and brightest women to breed instead of pursue an education since 2007.

Iran is doing this.  China is doing this.  The USA and the nations of the West, on the other hand, are encouraging their best and brightest women to sterilize themselves.  Which societies would you bet on in the long run?