Watch what they do

And not what they tell you to do.  It’s intriguing to see that most health-care workers refuse to get the vaccinations they so religiously administer to everyone else.

In August, B.C. became the first jurisdiction in Canada to legislate
mandatory flu shots for doctors, nurses and any other healthcare worker
who may come into contact with patients. In previous years, the rate of
inoculation for the province’s health-care workers had been below 50%,
one of the lowest in Canada….

In a November op-ed, University of Toronto bioethics researcher Ross
Upshur maintained that eschewing a flu shot fundamentally violates the
credo of “do no harm.” If healthcare workers “are vectors of disease for
hospitalized patients, they are putting patients at risk for increased
harm,” he said.

It is “disheartening” to see how few Canadian professionals are
getting the flu shot, even if they work with children and the elderly,
said Maher El-Masri, a nursing professor at the University of Windsor.
“I think we have a responsibility to protect our patients.”

It would be fascinating, and I suspect extremely informative, to know if health-care workers are similarly disinclined to vaccinate their own children according the current recommended vaccine schedule.