And then they voted….

As most of you already know, I won’t be voting for either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  They are both corrupt men who are owned by the financial interests and primarily seek political power due to their character flaws.  Obama is is a weak little man whose only saving grace is his laziness, while Romney’s greatest strength, his executive competence, only makes him the more dangerous candidate for the country.

But given that few of us tend to pay much attention to the mindless blatherings of the sort of dimwits and mid-wits who still genuinely support Obama after nearly four years of witnessing the man’s boundless incompetence, I thought it might be interesting to see what their justifications are for endorsing the man for a second term.  Keep in mind these are actual, original sentiments expressed by people who are declaring their public support for Obama in the full knowledge that others will be reading them.  Depending upon your psychological outlook, you may find these presidential endorsements to be either highly amusing or incredibly depressing:

Obama.  Cause Repubs scare me. All the anti-women and anti-science talk bothers me greatly as a fairly smart woman with a daughter.  I don’t want to see my future turn into A Handmaiden’s Tale.

Women should get paid as much as men. Gay people should be allowed to make legal life-long commitments to the person they love. Women should be in control of their own bodies. People who have the misfortune to get a disease shouldn’t be shut out from medical care for the rest of their lives. Kids shouldn’t starve because their parents are poor. We ought to send fewer of our boys and girls abroad, and do better for them when they come home. We should be a leader in science, instead of rejecting it.  OBAMA 2012.

I support Barack Obama because he is not a Republican, and because I do not want to see any more people suffering.

I’m endorsing Obama. Basically because my GOP relatives just completely baffle me with their lack of sense – as do most of the GOP that I have seen lately on news outlets.

I endorse Obama as he has done the best he could with the mess he was left with, he has dealt with the GOP whose goal above all including the needs of the country was to make Mr. Obama a single term president and he allows women to choose.

I’m voting for Obama because stimulus is the only way to get an economy out of a depression, because we need to have the rich pay their fair share of taxes and right now they’re paying some of the lowest taxes in the last hundred years, because if it hadn’t been for unemployment benefits being extended I would have lost my house, because we need health care reform, we need to put an end to insurance companies being able to drop paying customers once they get sick.

I endorse Barack Obama for a second term. He turned around the economy, killed Bin Laden, and has changed his mind on gay marriage.

I am Voting for President Obama because he is the leader of the anti-rape party. Seriously.

Given what he’s accomplished in the context in which he’s had to work, I’m satisfied with Obama as president so far. That alone would enough in most election years to allow him to keep my vote in his tally. Is this the glowing, ringing endorsement that Obamaites can shout to the hills? I suppose it’s not, but this should not be confused with a lukewarm or half-hearted endorsement. This is not “you’ll do.” It’s “you’ve done well. Keep going.”

These are just a few of the many reasons I do not believe in the legitimacy or efficacy of pseudo-democracy. In addition to underlining the basic fallacy of “representative” democracy, it should suffice to explode the oft-heard claim that Democrats are more intelligent. In fact, if one takes the trouble to examine the electoral demographics, it is quite clear that the average Republican is both more intelligent and better-educated than the average Democrat.  Of course, that is a very low bar to clear, as one need only examine the disastrous Republican performance in office over the last thirty years to see that having ever-so-slightly more intelligent voters hasn’t prevented Republicans from governing in a disastrous manner.

If you’re the sort with a macabre sense of humor who finds this sort of thing amusing, you’ll find plenty more at McRapey’s.  If, on the other hand, this makes you despair for the country, I would urge you to be sure to have a suicide hotline on speed dial before wading into the mire.