All right, now that we’ve seen the very entertaining justifications presented by the cognitively challenged Obama voters, let’s see if the Dread Ilk can do any better.  For whom are you voting next week and why?  Alternatively, if you are not voting, what is your justification for your decision.

Stow the reactions to anyone else’s endorsement or reasoning, limit your comments to your own intended actions.  I’ll highlight what I consider to be some of the best and worst of them in a post tomorrow, and present my own endorsement for the presidential election.

On a tangential note, I found this to be easily the most interesting out of the 150+ endorsements there:

I have been undecided for a very, very long time. But I think this
thread is what finally made up my mind – after reading how many people
want Obama because they believe he won’t try to prevent Iran from going
nuclear. I’m endorsing Romney even though I’m angered by a lot of the
nonsense that comes out of the Republican Party, and even though I agree
with Obama on most things, especially health care and immigration

Why? Because my grandmother is a Holocaust survivor, and the
slaughter of her entire family was enabled, in part, by a policy of
wishful-thinking appeasement that thought any sacrifice was acceptable
to avoid war, and that the leader talking publicly about killing all the
Jews couldn’t possibly mean it seriously.

After World War II, as a 16-year-old without a single living person
in the world who knew her name, my grandmother moved to Israel, the only
country that would take her. Israel is where most of my relatives live
now. And much as I would love to, I can’t vote for the candidate who
seems likely to follow a policy of wishful-thinking appeasement while
Iran works on its nuclear arsenal and talks publicly about wiping
Israel’s six million Jews off the map.

Translation: Obama has lost the Jews.  Their concern for Israel is trumping their domestic left-liberal concerns.  If those who “agree with Obama on most things” are now voting for Romney due to his tough talk on Iran, Obama is one and done.