The last Republican

Thanks to the suicidal pro-immigration policies of the Reagan and Bush administrations, Mitt Romney may be the last viable Republican candidate.

The demographic threat to the Republican Party grows out of the fact that every four years the electorate becomes roughly two percent less white and two percent more minority, primarily as a result of the increase in the Hispanic and Asian-American populations and the relatively low birth rate among whites. By my computation, this translates into a modest 0.85 percentage point gain for Democrats and 0.85 percentage point loss for Republicans every four years. In other words, the changing composition of the electorate gives Democrats an additional built-in advantage of 1.7 percentage points every four years.

Contra some optimistic left-liberal assertions after the 2008 election, I was confident that the demographic tipping point hadn’t been reached yet.  It could, however, happen as soon as 2016, and it will almost certainly happen by 2024.  Once Texas becomes a reliable Democratic stronghold, which it will thanks to its Hispanic immigrant population, it will be virtually impossible for a Republican to win the presidency again.

Unless, of course, the Republican party becomes the party of white nationalism and starts winning 75 to 80 percent of the white vote, which seems extremely unlikely given SWPL cultural influence, white female left-liberalism, and the party elite’s preference for irrelevance to “extremism”.  So, my prediction of a US collapse by 2033 would appear to be progressing rather nicely.