Soldier boy is BETA

I usually keep the Game-related content for Alpha Game, but this intersection of Game and current events simply demands comment:

At some point after Petraeus was sworn in as CIA director on Sept. 6,
2011, the woman broke up with him. However, Petraeus continued to pursue
her, sending her thousands of emails over the last several months,
raising even more questions about his judgment.

It doesn’t only raise questions about his judgment, but about his socio-sexual rank as well.  Petraeus superficially appears to be a handsome, successful warrior, an obvious Alpha in every way, but in addition to being unimpressed by his military performance since 2001, I’ve long felt that he carried himself more like a man dressed up like a soldier than a military commander.

I’ve met a number of top military commanders, including three that were members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Such men exude dominance and a palpable sense of command even when they are wearing a t-shirt and shorts while washing the car; you get the impression that they could successfully invade a small South American country with no more than a BB gun, a wrist rocket, and the staff of the local McDonald’s restaurant.  For all his fruit salad, Petraeus always struck me as being much more akin to Hollywood’s notion of a general than an actual fighting man.

What sort of socio-sexual loser sends THOUSANDS of emails to a married woman who has indicated she is done with him?