The Italian war on science continues

As we learned in the reaction to the L’Aquila verdicts, holding scientists accountable for actions that lead directly to the deaths of innocent people is a direct attack on science:

Italian police say they have arrested nine cardiologists accused of performing unauthorized experimental treatments on patients.  Carabinieri
Col. Giovanni Capasso says the investigation began over a year ago
after consumer groups raised alarm about some suspicious deaths at the
Polyclinic hospital in the northern city of Modena.

Capasso said
nine doctors were arrested Friday on accusations of corruption, criminal
association, embezzlement, defrauding the national health system and
performing unauthorized experimental treatments. One was jailed while
the others were given house arrest.  In addition, he said, a dozen
medical equipment companies have been barred from working with the
national health system for their alleged involvement in the scheme.

What an outrage!  Obviously these heroes of science must be released at once!  How dare the Italian authorities put such fine, reputable scientists on trial for the “crime” of adding to the the body of scientific knowledge?