No, don’t move

Karl Denninger inadvertantly recommends spreading the Blue virus:

[T]he people of California passed a ballot measure to tax themselves
and give the money not to a state program but rather to a bunch of
banksters.  There’s no solution to stupidity that is lawful; your only lawful option if you live in that craphole called California
where people vote to steal your money using the guns of the government
as a means to compel you to to turn it over and then give it to a bunch
of thieves on Wall Street — not even spending it on a program to
benefit you and your children — is to move.

While it is moderately amusing to think of the devout goodthinkers of California patting themselves on the bank as they  piously vote to raise taxes that use the California schools as a funnel to the banksters, it is a mistake to permit Californians to go anywhere but another proud blue state.  Because it’s only a matter of time before the ex-Californians start looking around and wondering if life wouldn’t be better for everyone if things were done the wonderful way they were back in California.

And aside from New Yorkers, I’ve never known any group of people more dedicated to informing you of their origins than Californians.  It was bad enough at my university that the one girl from Minnesota used to roll her eyes and sarcastically mutter “hey, Minnesota buddy!” in my direction if we both happened to be in the vicinity of two Californians congratulating each other on their mutual state of residence.  Granted, they’re not quite as obnoxious as Parisians, but it’s still ridiculous.