VPFL 2012 week 14

78 Suburban Churchians (4-10-0)
58 Moundsview Meerkats (10-4-0)

68 Bailout Banksters (8-6-0)
46 D.C. Hangmen (4-10-0)

70 Greenfield Grizzlies (7-7-0)
65 RR Redbeards (5-9-0)

58 Fromundah Cheezheads (9-5-0)
40 Bane Sidhe (8-5-1)

90 Luna City Gamma Rays (6-7-1)
64 ’63Mercury Marauders (8-6-0)

The Meerkats clinched their third regular season championship, but can they finally get the job done in the playoffs.  It was remarkable; both Mounds View and Fromundah finished at 1031 points after both scoring 58 the last week of the season.  And the Churchians finished strong, going .500 over the last half of the season after getting off to a winless start.

The Meerkats face the Marauders and the Cheezheads play the Banksters Bane Sidhe in the first round of the VPFL playoffs.

UPDATE: Adrian Peterson is post-homo sapiens sapiens.  Also, MVP.  That is all.