No, don’ go

I find it interesting that despite all of the bluster from the pro-EU forces in Britain, which insist that Britain desperately needs the EU and would be little more than the Falkland Islands floating in the Atlantic without it, it is the EU that is betraying precisely who needs whom:

Britain could become a ‘second-class’ member of the European Union under plans floated in Brussels yesterday.  An influential group of European federalists, who want to see Brussels given even greater powers, is suggesting the UK is relegated to ‘associate member’ status.  The move would see Britain remain part of the single market but freed from much of the social legislation and bureaucracy associated with full EU membership….

The Union of European Federalists is expected to set out its plan for Britain in a draft EU treaty in the spring.  British Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff, who heads the group, said the proposal would create a new category of membership to ensure Britain did not leave altogether. 

It’s not about trade, in the end, it’s about control.  The EU no more steals the sovereignty of its member states for economic purposes than Nazi Germany invaded Belgium for the chocolate.  It is much the same with the United States.  For all that the left-liberal parasites claim, on the basis of tax revenues, that the big government states are producing a disproportionate share of the national wealth and they would be better off without the small government states, they will quite literally kill large quantities of people to prevent them from leaving the Union.

Whereas the average small government individual would quite happily pay to see New York, California, and the New England states exit it.  This, and not the pseudo-statistical bluster, makes it entirely clear who is parasitic on whom.